Spring Clean in the City Centre includes a lick of paint! (2015)

The annual Spring Clean of the city (20th March) saw community groups, volunteers, Gloucester City Council and others work together to show their pride in the city of Gloucester. This year is a particularly big one for Gloucester as the city is hosting a series of events that, according to Marketing Gloucester, are likely to bring in over one million additional visitors to the city.  In preparation for this Gloucester City Council and Marketing Gloucester have been working closely with community groups and volunteers to help in their efforts to spruce up the city. One of these groups is led by Ivan Taylor of Truscott Jewellers who directs the “Four Gates” initiative representing traders in the city centre.  Ivan has gathered together a group of volunteers to help refresh the street furniture in Gloucester city centre with a lick of paint.  Gloucester City Council, were approached by Marketing Gloucester to see if they could support his efforts and subsequently provided a grant to cover the costs of materials.


Paul James, Leader of Gloucester City Council (Conservative) commented “We are very happy to be able to support groups showing such pride in their city.  This is just one of a host of similar initiatives which show how local government can successfully work hand in hand with well-motivated people in the voluntary and social enterprise sector to deliver real benefits for the people of Gloucester.  Ivan Taylor is a great example of someone whose strong sense of civic pride has been translated into action.”


Jason Smith of Marketing Gloucester stated “Marketing Gloucester have been working closely with Ivan on a number of projects to improve the environment of the city centre with funding provided Gloucester City Council.  The provision of hanging baskets and the current refresh of street furniture is made much more feasible by the support of businesses and community.  It is fantastic to see the community taking the initiative in helping make the city of Gloucester an even better place to live, shop, visit and do business”


Annual Spring clean is part of a national initiative.