Believe in Gloucester

“Together these assets form an exceptionally powerful base for economic prosperity. Gloucestershire’s future economic prosperity must be seen as amongst the best in the UK.”

Price Waterhouse Coopers

Facts and Figures

Over £700 million of public and private sector funding has been invested into the city since 2005 in support of Gloucester’s regeneration programme.

Source: Gloucester Heritage Urban Regeneration Company, 2012

  • 9th fastest growing city in the UK – 1.1% annual growth (2010 population = 123,400; 2002 pop = 110,600 (12,800 increase))

Transport & Infrastructure

  • Ideal for M5, M4, M50
  • A catchment area of 8,400,000 people living within 90 minutes travel.
  • Gloucestershire Airport – commercial flights to Belfast, Isle of Man, Jersey
  • Birmingham Airport 68km
  • Bristol Airport 68km
  • Cardiff Airport 98km
  • Oxford Airport 64 km


  • 6th for the most patents granted per 100,000 residents in 2012 with 8.9. Innovation is a driver of long-run economic growth. Finding new or better ways of making goods or delivering services improves the performance of businesses which in turn increases the capacity of city economies.


  • 2nd for highest employment rate with 77.8% between Jul 2012 and Jun 2013 (Ranked 12th Jul 11 – Jun 12)
  • 2nd for highest employment rate percentage point change 2011-12 to 2012-13 of 4.41
  • 9th (out of 62 cities) for having the highest private sector jobs employed by a London headquartered business at 16.5%. Emphasising the importance of London on the city’s economy


  • 2nd (out of 63 cities) for the highest housing stock growth. (% change 2011-2012 = 1.1%; Housing stock 2012 = 53,300; housing stock 2011 = 52,700; change 2011 – 2012 = 600. Among the top-placed cities, only five (Swindon, Milton Keynes, Gloucester, London, Peterborough) have experienced housing supply growth in accordance to their population growth rate
  • 21st with 2.08% for the annual mean house price growth rate 2012-13 (Mean house price 2012 = £153,700; Mean house price 2013 = £156,900; growth in mean house prices 2012-13 = £3,200)


  • Gloucester is in the top ten of UK cities with the lowest emissions per capita.

Source: DECC 2012, CO2 emissions per capita, 2010 data. NOMIS 2012,Well-being

  • 4th for the largest life satisfaction increase between 2011-12 and 2012-13 by 4.4% (a measure of personal well-being)

Digital connectivity

  • Smaller cities tend to have higher high speed broadband penetration rates.
  • Cambridge, Grimsby, Oxford, Dundee and Gloucester (five of the smallest cities) are in the top 10.
  • 79% of Gloucester postcodes have access to Super Fast Broadband speeds (9th highest in the UK).

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